About Us

In 2013, AIDS Calgary Awareness Association (ACAA) became HIV Community Link (HIVCL). We are now located in Calgary, Medicine Hat and Brooks. Our focus remained on health promotion, increasing access to testing, delivering effective harm reduction programs, and reducing the stigma associated with HIV.

Since 1983, we have helped people learn about, prevent and live with HIV. We can’t ignore the fact that HIV exists, and that there is still no cure for this disease. However, there are many things we can do to prevent transmission and make life better for those who are infected and affected.

HIVCL promotes the healthy choices people can make to reduce their risk of getting or spreading HIV. Let’s make sure the sex we’re having is safe. Let’s utilize harm reduction tools to minimize risk when engaging in injection drug use. Your sex, your life, your choices…just safer.

HIVCL works to reduce the harmful effects of HIV by providing programs and services that help people living with HIV make healthy choices and enjoy a better quality of life. We advocate for those living with HIV, battling misunderstandings and prejudice. We partner with our community to develop a caring and compassionate society.