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At HIV Community Link we offer a variety of presentations to community groups including health care and social service providers, clients at community based programs and organizations, post-secondary faculties, and other interested community stakeholders.

We are committed to providing up to the minute, evidence-based information about HIV related issues. Our education programming is regularly updated to reflect emerging trends and new information in the field.

Our educators are happy to develop and tailor presentations to best meet your needs. See below for descriptions of some of our most popular presentations. Please contact us for more information on presentation topics or to talk about how we can create a presentation that’s right for you.

Please fill out the form below and click submit to request a presentation. We will respond shortly to discuss details. If you need assistance or would like more information please contact our Community Education Coordinator by email at

Here is a sample of our most popular presentations (other topics available on request):

HIV/AIDS 101: The Basics
This presentation covers basic HIV information including: definitions, myths and facts, transmission and prevention, and HIV testing. This presentation is tailored to the informational, cultural and age-appropriate requirements of the audience.

HIV/AIDS for Health and Social Service Professionals
This presentation focuses on building knowledge and tools to work effectively and ethically with people living with and at risk for HIV/AIDS. Topics include roles and responsibilities, occupational exposure and risk reduction, confidentiality, disclosure and human rights. The presentation is appropriate for practicing professionals and post-secondary students, and can be tailored to those working with specific at-risk populations.

Living with HIV/AIDS: Personal Stories
This presentation is delivered by a speaker living with HIV. Speakers share real life stories of physical and emotional experiences on the unique journey living with HIV. This presentation is often combined with HIV/AIDS 101: The Basics.

HIV/AIDS Stigma & Discrimination
This presentation discusses the cultural, social and psychological stigmas associated with HIV/AIDS and provides an opportunity to examine and challenge perceptions. Topics include the social history of HIV/AIDS, stigma and discrimination.

Harm Reduction 101
This presentation provides an overview of harm reduction as an evidence-based public health strategy. Discussion includes examples of harm reduction in practice and the evidence base for harm reduction strategies to improve health outcomes and reduce public health spending.

Shifting Perspectives: Sex Work 101
This presentation explores working with people involved in sex work utilizing a harm reduction and rights-based approach. The continuum of sex work is examined as well as how to work with active sex workers and those who have exited. We also provide an overview of violence, sex work laws, trafficking vs. sex trade and a variety of other sex work related topics.