Shift provides support services to adults currently and formerly working in the sex industry to improve their quality of life and achieve individualized goals.

Shift has a harm reduction and rights based approach to sex work. This means that the safety and human rights of sex workers are our focus. We recognize that sex work is a choice for many in the industry, and we respect the rights of adults to make this choice. We also recognize that not everyone has active choice in sex work. For some, outside forces such as poverty or exploitation can force people into situations where they don’t have control. Shift’s services will meet you where you are at – whether you want to stay in the industry, get out of the industry or anything in-between.

We work with you to identify your goals and needs, and then support you with obtaining the tools and resources needed to achieve them. These supports can be things like counseling, education, advocacy, and skills development – or practical supports such as housing, referrals, food, and emergency funding. We can also work with you around sex work specific issues such as obtaining escort/massage licensing, managing personal relationships, working safely (date screening, condom negotiation), and exiting the industry.

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Shifting Perspectives: Sex Work 101

Shifting Perspectives is a comprehensive introduction to sex work and related issues of harm reduction, human rights, and safety. This workshop will provide participants with an enhanced understanding of the of sex industry and sex work in Calgary. Participants will gain an understanding of the factors which can support or constrain choice and safety in sex work on an individual and structural level. Shifting Perspectives will provide participants with an enhanced understanding of the care and support needs of sex workers and will offer best-practice strategies for service providers working with this population.

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