Hepatitis C: Cured or Cleared, for Now or for Life?

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As I sit and listen to Robert speak about his experience in treatment, I am amazed at his resilience and will power to continue on. Robert cleared the virus after his 3rd week of treatment, or third shot of Peg-interferon, a drug that is helping his body fight the replication of the virus, and is now in his 22nd week of a 24 week treatment process.

Just when I thought I was over it…. Response to Dallas Buyers Club

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It never ceases to amaze me the things that will trigger a response to past experiences, even when we think they have been worked through and thought to be buried and packed away neatly into …

One Drop

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I love to paint my fingernails. It’s my favourite way to unwind and a great way to express myself – soft pink, bold red, vibrant blue. It is not uncommon to see me with three …

The New HIV Era

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The following is a personal perspective from a community member. ACAA acknowledges this is not the experience or opinion of all PLWH or those affected by HIV. Despite medical and scientific advances in recent years …